One morning, P. P. Pappaji gazed out of a window witnessing the early morning dawn penetrating the skies, its radiance filling the skies with lustrous light. Closing his eyes, he began to reminisce and pray to the Lord. After bowing to the Lord with respect, he got up and his eyes were captivated by a beautifully adorned calendar with following words inscribed upon it:

“Ghar ané déha mandir banavo ....... Gai pal né bhuli .... sanatan banaviyé” - i.e. Endeavour to make yourself and your home a divine temple.... Forget the past, live this moment in such a way as to make it eternal.

Just then, a few sadhaks arrived to pay their respects, Pappaji’s attention was drawn away from the calendar, towards the sadhaks. One of them asked: “Pappaji, what is the meaning of the inscription on the calendar?” The ever enthusiastic and energetic divine Pappaji instantly put pen to paper. For the next consecutive thirty-one days, Pappaji wrote the spiritual essays which are the definitions and interpretations of the principles on the calendar. The sadhaks benefited from the recitations of these essays. It was felt that the whole samaj should also benefit from them and “Param na Pathik né” was born.

P.P. Pappaji’s Birthday. Jai Swaminarayan from
01/09/1989 the Prakashan Committee

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