To one who seeks the ultimate Truth

If even a spark from the exuberant spiritual knowledge radiating from the spiritual essays in this scripture should enlighten a soul, that soul will become eternally happy and enjoy the peace, bliss and joy of Akshardham. For as long as the earth continues to exist, so shall we. We will continue to exist to serve the Lord, thus if we have attained total purification, we will experience the happiness, peace and joy of Akshardham. If, however, we have not attained this status, then our sadhana remains incomplete and we will have to begin again from where we had left off.

Thus, we should ponder and meditate on the one who will purify our mind and chita such that they are spiritually calm and serene. We should study and reflect upon those scriptures written by the one who will transform our indriyas and antahkaran into intruments of the Lord. ‘Vartan ma pragté téj param gnan’ - The greatest spiritual knowledge is that which we practice. Through this eternal, precious collection of spiritual essays P.P. Pappaji navigates and illuminates the path that a sadhak should tread to reach his ultimate goal. If at every moment, we endeavour to practice Pappaji’s commands, instructions and advice, then we would definitely be freed from our ego. We would attain the status where we are only conscious of the soul - nothing else, i.e. I am the atma.

We humbly request all worshippers and devotees of the Gunatit Swaroopos to celebrate P.P. Pappaji’s Platinum Jubilee by sincerely practising the principles mentioned in these essays. Our sadhana to attain Gunatit-bhav will be made easier and smoother.

Jai Swaminarayan from
the benos of Gunatit Jyot

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