'Chidakhsh' is where we become incapable of sustaining any thoughts of dispair, desolation or of taking offense - Pappa.


Our sadhana is to maintain our physical body and mind such that they remain in a state known as ‘chidakashrup’ (a heavenly purified state). As long as our ‘chitta’ (emotive mind) engages in pride and attachment, we are occupied with impurities of the self known as déhabhav and hence thoughts of despair, despondency and confusion will arise, leading us to take offence of others and feel emotionally disturbed.


If the sadhak prays to the Pratyaksh Swaroop for strength when the negative characteristics of the self such as stubbornness, pride, jealousy or vices such as pride, taste, attachment, covetousness or lust (man, swad, snéha, lobh, kam) begin to influence him, if he perseveres in confronting the thoughts which stem from his inner desires without surrendering to them and continues to remain submerged in japyagna and the murti of the Pratyaksh Swaroop, he will gradually gain control over these negative influences.


When such thoughts arise, if the sadhak persists in replacing such thoughts with positive thoughts of spiritual knowledge, thoughts of divyabhav or mahatmya, and proceeds to engage himself in either japyagna or séva thus occupying his mind with thoughts of worship and devotion, the negative thoughts will have been neglected and will gradually dwindle away. Since the mind will not heed them, will not support them by submitting to further negative thoughts, or take actions based on these thoughts, they will eventually cease, paving the way for positive thoughts known as ‘Akshardham na vichar’. The mind will form a habit of rejecting negative thoughts and will only allow thoughts associated with nirdoshbudhhi, séva, mahatmya and mahima to linger.


Eventually, as stated in Vachnamru G. III. 2, the sadhak will become accustomed to accepting the Lord as the ultimate controller and will accept all others as ‘souls in the process of purification’. Thus he will not be troubled by negative influences, his mind will become incapable of entertaining thoughts of despair, desolation or confusion. This is chidakash, a heavenly, peaceful state of the mind. 

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