Remain constantly submerged in the Divine Guru and Guruhari. Thus the crude forces of Maya will not affect you - Pappa


The extent of our fortune is beyond comparison because Yogiji Maharaj has bestowed great compassion upon us by forming a divine union between ourselves, our Guru and Guruhari, - a divine bond based on attachment of the hearts, mind, intellect and soul. In the Vachnamrut G. II. 21, Maharaj has stated that if a devotee accepts and acknowledges the absolute and total mahatmya of the Sant without any reservations then he will experience unbounded and unlimited peace and bliss.


If the sadhak has formed a divine attachment with his heart, mind, intellect and soul with only either the Guruhari or the Guru - but not with both, then his achievement will not be complete. The reason being that when the Guruhari strikes at the sadhak’s fundamental characteristics to reveal his déhabhav, he will become offended and will undoubtedly take manushyabhav and become affected by the forces of Maya. If, however, he has established a divine bond with a sadhu (guru) and regards the sadhu with nirdosh-buddhi, then the sadhu will rescue him from the evil forces of maya by utilising his divine powers of sankalpas and prayers. The sadhu will pray to the Lord, requesting that He grant the sadhak the divine intelligence to recognise that whatever the Guruhari is doing, is for the best.


Thus we should remain constantly immersed in the divine murti of the Guru and Guruhari so that the evil forces of maya cannot penetrate and pollute our minds and the greater forces of our ego cannot draw us away from our single minded worship (ékantik-panu) or righteousness. Instead we would be shielded and would remain constantly elated in the knowledge that we have the Lord. We would experience a constant gnan samadhi.

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