To accept that each event has been instigate by the Lord... To serve the Lord by practicing true spiritual friendship... is the supreme attainment - Pappa


Our whole sadhana is concerned with the concept of believing, acknowledging and accepting that the Pratyaksh Swaroop is the inspirer of all events, one who controlls the behaviour of everyone, and also controls our past, present and future destinies - according to the Vachnamruts G.I. 62, G. III 30 and G. II. 13.


Thus in all circumstances, favourable or detrimental, to either the whole satsang or to us personally, even when it seems that everything around us is being destroyed, we should endeavour to accept it as brahm-niyantrit - i.e. as inspired by the Lord Himself. Without surrendering to any emotions of joy or despair, attachment or aversion, happiness or sadness, we should maintain a state of equilibrium, where the mind is calm and tranquil. If we fail to reach this equilibrium and become entangled in any form of bias, we should do japyagna until we become impartial and the bias has been eradicated from our mind. Then, we should turn towards the Lord and pray.


‘Oh Lord, please guide me and enlighten me. How should I serve you in this instance? It is my utmost desire to serve you.’
To remain tranquil is to be absorbed in Gunatit-bhav. To practice spiritual friendship and serve the Lord as inspired by Him with your mind, body and soul is true worship. May the Lord bless you such that you can serve him in this way.

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