Do not be the judge of anyone's actions, fate or destiny. If you can, then practice spiritual friendship. You will be blessed by the Lord - Pappa


We have embarked upon the sadhana to attain a state known as ‘brahmrup’ and to worship the Pratyaksh Swaroop known as ‘Parabrahm’ - a sadhana which entails the purification of our souls. This is not possible without the grace and blessings of the Gunatit Swaroop. Thus it only remains for us to attain His grace and to be chosen and blessed by the Lord. Our principal means of achieving such blessings is ‘nirdoshbuddhi’.


To practice nirdoshbudhhi is to accept that the Lord is the controller of all actions and circumstances relating to all sambandhwalas and to refrain from making any judgements about their behaviour, fate or destiny. In other words, to believe that the Lord is purifying their chitta (emotive minds) and to accept them as souls who are in the process of purification. If this is accepted easily then the acceptance of the Lord as the Supreme controller will also come naturally. We will be able to witness the Lord at work and the progress such a soul is making. Consequently, we will appreciate the splendid job the Lord is doing in purifying the soul and liberating it from worldly desires. Thus we will be able to sing the Lord’s praises and dwell upon His glory.


If you are unable to accept the Lord as the initiator and controller of all events concerning the soul and its purification, and instead find yourself scrutinising the behaviour of others, then try to accept the Pratyaksh Swaroop as the ultimate controller, and practice spiritual friendship (suhrad-bhav) towards that person by praying to the Lord on behalf of them. Admit to the Lord that you cannot accept that person’s behaviour as that which has been instigated by the Lord - i.e. brahm-niyantrit. Pray to the Lord for strength and blessings that you may be able to accept this and continue to do japyagna until you have attained tranquillity and peace of mind. Continue praying in this manner, which is a means of being a true spiritual friend of the Gunatit, the Lord will surely bless you and will make your sadhana smooth and easy going. He will help you reach the ultimate destination.

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