Forget the past. Do not worry about the future. Live this moment submerged in divine consciousness and make it eternal - Pappa


Our aim is to purify the mind such that it is serene and tranquil and becomes nishkam (desire-less), i.e. it will not be attracted or tempted by any worldly desires or happiness, joys etc. promised by such worldly materialistic desires. To be free from such desires is to have freed and purified the mind and to have attained a serene, tranquil, heavenly state of consciousness known as ‘chiddakash-rup’. We should do whatever is necessary in terms of prayers and worship in order to achieve this. Thus we will gain control over our minds and discipline it to forget the past incidents and not to worry about what may happen in the future. We should allow the Lord to worry about the future since He controls our fate. Each and every moment, whatever happens to us is ordained by the Lord, He is doing his duty, thus we should not worry about the future, instead we should live this moment submerged in a serene, tranquil, heavenly state of consciousness. If we practice this, the Lord will bless us such that it will become a natural habit for our mind. Only when we have achieved such a neutral, tranquil, serene and divine state of mind, will the Lord inspire us, and we should serve accordingly. This will be the supreme worship known as Para-bhakti. Even if we should die, when we are re-born we will retain this tranquil, purified mind, just as the swaroops, who have since their childhood possessed such pure, serene, tranquil minds and have not been affected by the forces of caste, race and reputation - naam, naat, jaat - which have had no impact on their minds. Thus we should live the present moment in such a way that we will be able to reap its rewards eternally.

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