To engage oneself in constant discourses relating to the mahatmya of the Pratyaksh Swaroop (God) and the Sadhu is the pinacle of one's sadhna - Pappa


According to the 1st discourse, Chapter 1 of ‘Swami-ni-Vato’ - we should make a conscious effort to partake in talking of, and listening to, the mahatmya of God and his sadhus. The principal reason for this is that the Pratyaksh swaroop and the sadhu take it upon themselves to purify those who come into contact with themselves (those who have been chosen), they ensure that they reach the ultimate status known as being ‘brahmrup’. It is irrelevant that the person whom they have ‘chosen’ does not bear any qualities which qualifies him for such a great reward. The Pratyaksh swaroop does not consider anything but proceeds to purify and free him from his vices, replacing the impurities of his ‘déhabav’ with ‘brahmbhav’ - virtuous qualities. The sadhak then begins to partake in conversations of mahatmya which include righteous topics such as nirdosh-buddhi, séva and samagam (spiritual guidance).


As the sadhak develops an affiliation with the sadhu, becoming deeply attached to that swaroop with his heart, intellect and soul, he will strive to live in a way which pleases that swaroop. Initially he will be confronted with conflicts from his own mind, but as he neglects these and continues to serve the swaroop with mahatmya-yukt séva seeking spiritual guidance without taking offence of anyone, his mind, indriyas and antahkaran will gradually remain engrossed in thoughts, speech and actions of mahatmya. Thus enabling him to experience the happiness and joys of Akshardham - ‘Akshardham nu sukh’.


Gunatitanand Swami has stated that whilst a mukta of Akshardham resides on earth, he will remain constantly submerged in mahatmya, talking of and listening to mahatmya only. He will practice this to such an extent that he will participate only in positive thoughts, wishes and determinations - known as ‘shubh sankalpa’. He will experience a constant state of peace, bliss, harmony and joy because he accepts Maharaj as the supreme controller of everyone and everything.

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