True devotion or Ekantik Darma is the total surrender of one's thoughts, speech and actions to a Gunatit Sadhu who has reached the status prescribed in Vachnamrut G.III.27 - Pappa

Shreeji Maharaj has stated in Vachnamrut G. III. 27 that the Lord dwells in any sadhu who observes and upholds the panchvartman - i.e. anyone who is nirmani, nirlobhi, nirswadi, nirsnéhi and nishkami. They are known as vijli jéva sant, or vadvanal jéva sant - (literally vijli means lightning - and vadvanal is a fire which remains alight even in the water). Thus anyone who seeks spiritual guidance from such accomplished and enlightened sadhus, completely surrenders his thoughts, speech and actions:

  • Surrenders the mind - i.e accepts the Gunatit sadhu as divine and pure (nirdosh);
  • Surrenders the speech - i.e. continually sings the praises of the Gunatit sadhu;
  • Surrenders the actions - i.e. constantly endeavours to act in a way which will please the Lord. Acts with total faith according to the wishes of the sadhu and disregards his own mind and intellect;

is practising and upholding Ékantik Dharma or true worship.

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