Do not preach or promote religion. Do not make excuses or continue to ponder upon it. Simply practice your religion. Actions speak louder than words - Pappa


We are very fortunate that we have discovered the ultimate truth in the form of the Gunatit Swaroop. Instead of insisting that others realise and acknowledge that swaroop, if we spent the time and energy in perfecting our own acceptance and acknowledgement of the swaroop as per Vachnamrut G. I. 62, then our achievement will be significant.


Thus do not proclaim and publicise your discovery, if anyone disputes its worth and criticises it - i.e. that our religion or Gunatit Swaroop are fraudulent, then do not try to defend your claim, do not even ponder over the issue by analysing why others are disputing what is so obviously true! Instead try to practice whatever gnan - spiritual knowledge - you have attained. Let your noble, moral and ethical behaviour speak for itself. If you practice the spiritual principles, such virtuous characteristics will be apparent in your actions, you will not need to proclaim or publicise them. Actions speak louder than words - thus always maintain the following priniciple:


Speak Less, Work More, Let your results speak for you.

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