May spiritual equanimity combined with Nirdosh-Buddhi be maintained at every moment and every event - Pappa


Every member of the Gunatit Samaj sincerely believes and accepts that Shreeji Maharaj is purifying the souls of all samband-wala by utilising their own prarabhdas (fate and destiny) as necessary. Thus, we accept Maharaj as the supreme controller of everyone, and of all events according to the Vachnamrut G.I.62. Normally, under favourable or detrimental circumstances, we disapprove of someone’s behaviour, analyse their faults and shortcomings; we judge people, become biased and form opinions on the basis of what we consider to be fair or unfair. Instead, we should turn towards the Lord and accept Him to be the controller of that person. His behaviour has been inspired by the Lord. Indeed, we should strive to accept this and maintain spiritual equanimity. Only when we have achieved the spiritual equilibrium, should we act as inspired by the Lord, ensuring that our actions are totally in accordance with our religion and our convictions.


If we do not strive to achieve nirdosh-buddhi combined with spiritual equanimity, but proceed to take sides, make moral judgements, become fondly attached or bear feelings of resentment then this indicates that we have been led to make decisions based on our own ‘swabhav’ (inner instincts and intrinsic characteristics) and our own ego. Thus Shreeji Maharaj will not accept our séva and our worship or devotion for Him will be in vain. This is the law Maharaj has laid down himself. He has stated:


“I will accept only the service of those who worship me whilst remaining submerged in ‘brahm’ i.e. those who maintain spiritual equanimity.”


Worship which is based on attachments, bias, opinions etc is taken by some other force within prakruti-purush and does not serve to purify our swabhav.

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