As the devotee who is in the state of sadhna known as Gun-Buddhi (i.e. whose every thought and action is based on his intellectual mind) humbly endeavours to serve the Lord and disciples, the Satpurush will bless him by taking His place in the devotee's heart and will begin to guide him. Gradually the devotee will reach the state of sadhna known as Atma-Buddhi - i.e. where all his actions, thoughts and perceptions are based on the Atma (Atma being the Satpurush in his inner heart, mind and soul). He will have attained what is known as 'Atma-Bhudhi and Priti' with the Satpurush (this is a oneness with the Satpurush whereby the soul feels a sense of belonging to the Satpurush and continually endeavours to live according to His wishes.) Ref. Vachnamrut G. I. 37.


The devotee will begin to distinguish between Mukta, Akshar and Purushottam. Mukta - fellow devotees, Akshar - the eternal abode of God, in whom God dwells constantly i.e. the Satpurush. Purushottam - the supreme Lord, God Himself.


As the devotee's endeavours to realise the Satpurush become successful, he begins to accept all muktos - fellow devotees with the same love and tolerance he would have for his own 'worldly relations'. However his indriyas (his senses ; hearing, sight, touch, smell, taste) have not yet become purified and he is therefore drawn by them into old habits, practices, traditions, opinions etc. Although the devotee is now affiliated with the Satpurush, he may not entirely appreciate the greatness of his guru.


When the devotee begins to live each and every moment according to the inspiration from his guru, living each moment to please Him and Him alone - that is constant Smruti.


When one can turn to Yogiji Maharaj and say with deeply heartfelt appreciation:


"Oh Bapa, Thank - you !! If I had not found you then who would have shown me how imperfect I am ? Who would have pointed out my vices and impurities ?"


That is the sign that one feels honoured, one feels special and lucky beyond imagination to have found God who dwells within the sadhu - within Yogiji Maharaj.

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