Tribute to Param Pujya Jyotiben


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Param Pujya Jyotiba sadly left her corporeal body to return to Akshardham on 14th January 2018 at the age of 84 after a short illness.


P. P. Jyotiba was the first female to resolve to become sadhu and dedicate her life to God. Her beloved sister Param Pujya Taraben, followed by fellow sadhaks, Param Pujya Didi and Param Pujya Deviben became the pillars of Gunatit Jyot. Under the guidance of these divine sisters, Gunatit Jyot has blossomed and today is thriving adhering to teachings of Bhagwan Swaminarayan and Guruhari Pappaji Maharaj. Today, in P. P. Jyotiba, we have lost a true pioneer of Jyot.


P. P. Jyotiba chose an auspicious holy day, Makar Sankranti, to depart from this earth. Makar Sankranti is the start of 6 months known as uttarayana and is celebrated by flying kites. P. P. Jyotiba was such a divine soul, flying high in the sky, she shone out with her devotion to the supreme pratyaksh swarup Pappaji Maharaj, but also showed everyone the path to spirituality.


P. P. Jyotiba chose to take birth on this on earth on 2nd March 1933, which was also Mahashivratri which is a very auspicious day – her whole life is divinity personified. Always so dynamic and active, nothing came in her way in her devotion to God, but also, she flowed incessantly with her blessings to haribhakto. Her positivity was her signature, she would always say, “Nothing is impossible” and “Why worry, who have we attained [Lord Swaminarayan in person]?!” Even though she was so spiritually elevated, she was beloved of all, young and old, she was like a mother to all, personally helping and guiding adults and youngters alike across the Gunatit Samaj and will be sorely missed.


It is our prayer that we bow at her divine feet and rejoice in her outstanding life, but also imbibe her virtues so that her legacy continues. As such, may we continue to devote ourselves to Guruhari Pappaji Maharaj.


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