Pujya Jasuben is one of the six sadgurus of our Gunatit Samaj in whose spiritual care Param Pujya Pappaji had kindly allowed us all to progress and reach the ultimate heights of Gunatit Gnan.

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When P. Jasuben first came into swaminarayan satsang and met P.P. Pappaji she was a ‘grahasth’ (married with children). She experienced and realised the greatness and divinity of P.P. Pappaji. She wanted to serve the beno and P.P.Pappaji. Her sole aim was to achieve a high spiritual level and be redeemed of all the worldly and family attachments. Her mind, heart, body and soul were surrendered to P.P. Pappaji and prabhubhakti. She yearned to achieve the same spiritual level as the tyagi beno such as Pujya Jyotiben, Pujya Taraben, Pujya Didi and Pujya Deviben. Upon informing P.P. Pappaji of her desire to become Param Bhagwat Sant, P.P. Pappaji promised her that He would help her achieve that high spiritual level, however, He warned her that there would be many obstacles and difficulties in that path. In fact, P.P.Pappaji was so open and honest that he even said to her that she would have to accept that the mother of her children was no longer alive. Meaning – she would have to learn to detach herself from her own family and children. This too was at a time when her children’s ages ranged from 2 years to 12 years!


P. Jasuben did indeed manage to detach herself and became totally engrossed in her sadhna – with a constant awareness, alertness and sincerity towards her goal of achieving the same spiritual status of any tyagi benos. In those days, this was totally unheard of and practically impossible, but P. Jasuben strived for her goal and finally achieved that status.


Below is one example of how strict she was with herself and how sincere she was in her sadhana. When she lived in Bombay in the 1960s with her family, a satsangi Pujya Maniben Mehta had had an operation and was in hospital. P. Jasuben had been given the duty to take lunch to the hospital everyday at 11am.   One day P. Jasuben came out of her house to go to the hospital with the food and was shocked to see that there was fire in the building next to their block. The mill next door was ablaze! P. Jasuben thought I have to do my duty and take food for P. Maniben.  At once she prayed to P.P. Pappaji from deep within her heart and asked P.P. Pappaji to protect her children such that nothing should happen to the house or the children.


P. Jasuben then instructed P. Minaben Doshi, her eldest daughter to keep an eye on all the other children and to evacuate the house and wait outside if the fire became worse and reached their home. P. Jasuben had so much faith in P.P. Pappaji and in her prayers that she left to fulfill  her duty. This just shows how she put her duty before anything else!


P.P. Pappaji used to say that P.Jasuben has more power than Indira Gandhi or Jansi Ki Rani [Indian Queen who fought and won a war] and can rule India! P Jasuben has a lot of ability, strength and will power to do whatever she puts her mind to.

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One of P Jasuben’s most fundamental characters is her total faith in P.P. Pappaji. So much so, that she has healed and cured many peoples illnesses by the use of P.P. Pappaji's divine ' charan-raj and Jal (holy sanctified water).   Anyone who comes to her with issues or problems that seem almost impossible to resolve, P. Jasuben gives them only one word of advice – “Pray sincerely to P.P. Pappaji and patiently wait for the results”. Her faith in P.P. Pappaji is so strong that she urges all her devotees to rely solely on His help and assistance. P. Jasuben also believes in guiding all her devotees to do seva for Gunatit Jyot, she instructs all her devotees to put aside one tenth of their income for seva. There are instances where she has asked devotees who are poor and cannot afford to do seva financially, in these cases, she instructs them to set aside a handful of rice or dal and give that to Jyot.


She believes firmly that any seva given to Jyot (however small) is returned to that devotee ten-fold by the Lord Swaminarayan. There are so many examples of poor satsangis who have experienced that just by observing such a basic instruction from their Guru Jasuben, they have managed to elevate themselves from poverty and are now living in great wealth. One only needs to attend P. Jasuben’s divine day celebrations to hear of real life experiences of those who have come into contact with P. Jasuben and how their lives have been completely turned around.


Up until this day P. Jasuben remains sincere to her duty and agna and lives like a jagrat sadhak constantly checking that every moment of her life is devoted to His bhakti.


She showers blessings, unconditional love and prayers upon all. She has shown us the importance of sambandh.  “Sambandh walo chey? Bas, khalas!” Do mahatmyayukt seva and do not see the black side of others. She constantly inspires courage, positivity, and unconditional faith in our Guruhari P.P. Pappaji. She always says we are the most fortunate people on this earth – “apne khub nashibdar chiye”. If we truly believe this with the same resolution that P. Jasuben believes, then we too would experience the same level of peace and happiness of Akshardham that she experiences.


Simply being in the presence of P. Jasuben has changed my life and so many others’ lives. Her thoughts, deeds and actions are constantly in line with what pleases P.P. Pappaji that they have a profound impact on all those who are around her. Words cannot describe her undying love, unfaltering faith, deep devotion and dasatva bhakti towards P.P. Pappaji.


During the Parabhakti Samayo in India, just before I was coming back to London, on my last day in Jyot, I asked P. Jasuben for her blessings and what I should remember when I came back to London. She simply stated : “Remember only one thing; P.P.Pappaji is 'karta-harta' in all. Do 'seva' but do not do 'aseva' by criticizing others”!


We are so fortunate to have sadgurus like P.Jasuben who are constantly praying for all members of our Samaj, their only concern is that we too should reach the spiritual heights they have achieved. We are truly indebted to our beloved P.P. Pappaji for gifting us with such a swaroop.   With heartfelt thanks and sincerest prayers to beloved P.P.Pappaji to bless Divine Jasuben with good health always so that we may continue to receive her love and blessings.



Author: Pujya Rekhaben Khamar

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