We all know Pujya Taraben as one of the four pillars of Gunatit Jyot.  Below is a brief account of Pujya Taraben’s life to give us all some more insight her life and achievements.

Pujya Taraben’s principle by which she lived her life was “Paraane Divyabhav Rakhvo”, which can be translated as ‘Persist in seeing god in everyone’.

Taraben’s father was Tulsidas, her mother Sonaba, her older brother Kantibhai and older sisters Shantaben and Vidyaben.  Pujya Taraben's younger sister is Pujya Jyotiben who is three years younger than her.


Pujya Taraben was born on 27 September 1930.  This day in India was Rushi Panchmi – a day when Rushi’s do ‘taap’.  How appropriate for Pujya Taraben as she loved to do ‘dhyaan’.


In 1939 when Taraben was 9 years old she developed ‘codh’ a skin condition where the pigment of the skin changes colour and becomes lighter.  With Pujya Shastriji Maharaj’s ashirwad Pujya Ba arranged for medication to treat the ‘codh’ and it was cured.  But later on it came back again, which Pujya Taraben believed this was for her own good.  The ‘codh’ reappeared right under her eyes, so you can imagine how she would have looked, and her prospects for marriage would be affected.


When she was young she liked doing ‘dhoon’, ‘arti’ and ‘thaal’. She would take the ‘Swami ni vato’, and the ‘Shikshapatri’ to school with her and read them during her break time – Her main goal was to maintain God in her life and she did this through reading spiritual books – she did not waste time when studying, she always passed her exams albeit not with top marks. 


When Pujya Taraben was young she did not know what she wanted to do with her life, she knew she didn’t want to marry but didn’t know what to do, so she thought as she had a good voice she would sing and perhaps even sing on the radio and rely on that income to live a simple life.  Param Pujya Pappaji said to her “Tara pehala murti dharile”  Taraben understood straight away and took hold of this agna as soon as Param Pujya Pappaji mentioned it and started to run towards her goal and completely forgot her wish to sing on the radio.


One of the main annubhav of Pujya Taraben is the about the arrangements of her marriage.

The elders in the community wanted her to be married.  In those days it was not just the parents who arranged such an occasion but the elders of the family so they started the process.  They were all getting concerned and worried and thought how could a 22 year old stay as a spinster in the community.  On hearing of this Pujya Taraben wrote a letter to the elders firmly stating:


“I am already married to God, what are you going to do about that?  Are you going to get me married again?  I have left jagaat why do you want me to go there again?  Once I am married I cannot leave so instead of being my physical relatives – ‘deha na saga’, become my soul relatives- ‘atma na saga’.  Wherever I am, I will live according to God, so do what you want. I will always worship God and will never let that go.  Let me know what your decision is.”  She felt she should keep satsang first in her life.


She said “I have observed the lives of my other older siblings who have married and that is why with intelligence, understanding and knowledge I am already married to God and she signed the letter as ‘Old Tara has died and New Tara born’.


When Param Pujya Pappaji was in Africa, Pujya Yogibapa gave him a calling saying “What are you doing in Africa, go to India that is where you are needed”.  At the same time, Pujya Taraben got a calling to dedicate her life to the service of god.


Pujya Taraben’s nature was like her fathers but her appearance was like Pujya Ba, her swabhav was quiet with a lot of ‘sevabhav’.  Her main interest and love was meditation.  Everyone said that she had the natural instincts of a mother.  It’s amazing from looking at her personality that she was quiet and meek and yet she was bold enough to stand up for herself and tell the elders her thoughts about her marriage arrangements; this she was able to do with strength and guidance from Param Pujya Pappaji.


In 1952 before Jyot was even established there were only Pujya Jyotiben and Pujya Taraben.  Paam Pujya Pappaji said to Taraben I will make you a ‘dhruv mata’, i.e ‘a Mother’ and in 1966 this came true because she was established as the founding member of the Gunatit Jyot sanstha in Vallabh Vidyanagar and lived there for the rest of her life.


In 1965 Taraben had little bit of  ‘codh’ and Pappaji said to her “Tara mane tane European Lady banavi che”.  Such was the level of Pujya Taraben's spirituality that she immediately understood what he meant, Pujya Taraben’s skin became white all over thus making her a “European Lady” whilst not physically sending Her to Europe.


From reading about Pujya Taraben it is clear that there was a link between Pujya Taraben and Param Pujya Pappaji from the beginning.  Mahatmaya and seva were her life and she always respected other people.   This gives us some small insight into Pujya Taraben’s life, and just as Param Pujya Pappaji came onto this earth, Pujya Taraben came to Param Pujya Pappaji to fulfil his karya.


Pujya Taraben is truly a great soul, and has touched so many lives from young to old just as Param Pujya Pappaji did.  She has truly attained the spiritual level she set out to gain and lived constantly in Akshar Dham!


Author: P Parulben Sood

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