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'Spiritual thinking - Mahima' by Pujya Sunilbhai Gandhi

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We have attained divinity in person as well as a divine satsang. We have attained something precious that billions of people in the world have not attained. As such, our mind and thoughts should also be divine.

Pappaji Maharaj has explained in Param na Pathik né, date 20th, that our physical self has been purified because we do selfless service for the Lord, but we must also purify the mind and make it nishkami (desireless). We can make the mind divine by remaining submerged in mahima.


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Know your inclination (Ang) by Pujya Sunilbhai Gandhi

If we have the conviction that we have attained the supreme God in manifest form then we must find our own method that will allow us to surrender to Him unreservedly with our heart and soul. Everyone will have their own way of approaching and staying in God. Some will worship God in a manner as if strolling through a park in a care free manner, whilst others will want to reach the ultimate spiritual destination quickly at the speed of a jet plane. Guruhari Pappaji used to say that for those who want to take their time, they should not be criticised, and for those who want to finish their sadhana rapidly, they should not be held back. All we need to do is to collectively support each other in our sadhana with ekta (unity).

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Ahoho Aa Prapti!?

Swami Shreeji

Ahoho Aa Prapti?

Part 1: Understanding what we have attained.


Guruhari Pappaji Maharaj used to say that every day is our New Year’s Day, this is because every day is like a new spiritual rebirth. The compassion and grace that God has bestowed upon us is almost beyond our comprehension. Guruhari Pappaji often used to say, ‘Ahoho Aa Prapti?’ as an expression of His absolute wonderment and revelation at the thought that He had attained the Supreme God Himself (Bhagwan Swaminarayan) in the form of Brahmswarup Yogiji Maharaj.



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