bhai_bij_1Bhai Bij is celebrated on the 5th day of Diwali by Hindus across the world, whereby sisters pray for the long, healthy and prosperous lives of their brothers.


Accordingly to Hindu mythology the ritual of Bhai Bij stems from when Lord Krishna slayed the evil demon Nakarsur. Following his triumph, he visited his sister Subhadra, who welcomed him with sweets and flowers and applied a tilak to his forehead. 



Today, the festival is celebrated by sisters inviting their brothers to their home for a meal, performing an aarti and applying a red tilak. The application of a tilak by a sister represents her prayers for her brother’s well-being and in return, the brother blesses her with gifts or money.

The significance of Bhai Bij is mainly centred on the bond of brothers and sisters, particularly their relationship. In Hinduism, a brother’s duty is to protect his sister and the role of a sister is to pray for his happiness and good health.

Celebrating Bhai Bij is customary and if there are woman that don’t have any brothers, they tend to worship the Moon God instead, as a way of acknowledging the importance of this festival.

 This year Bhai Bij falls on Tuesday 1st November.

Author: Pujya Roochee Patel

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