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Nov 2011 Parabhakti Parva Samaiyo Event Information

Parabhakti Parva Samaiyo

The day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. We are marking the advent of Param Pujya Pappaji Maharaj's 95th birthday, to pay homage to his life and work. Param Pujya Pappaji has given us many sutras to guide us and now it is time to repay him for all his efforts by concentrating on just one such sutra and start living according to his wishes.


"Garju thai seva karo - divya bhav rakhi khamo"

Pappaji used to put great emphasis on the need for seva - to do this for 100% marks saying that is the highest achievement; bhakto can overcome any personal difficulties with seva. Indeed, since the time of Shreeji maharaj - samaiyas have been held to give haribhakto opportunity for seva, smruti and gnan. We will refresh our bodies and spirit and be energised to continue with our lives.

The schedule of events for the three days is as follows:

Friday, 11th November 2011

8.30 am – 1.00 pm Parabhakti Parva Mahapuja and Mantra Pothi Shobha Yatra
6.30 pm – 8.30 pm Gunatit Mission hosted event

Saturday, 12th November 2011
9.00 am – 12.00 pm Parabhakti Parva Sabha
6.30 pm – 9.30 pm Cultural programme

Sunday, 13th November 2011
9.00 am – 12.30 pm Guruhari Param Pujya Pappaji Maharaj’s 95th Birthday celebrations

Please note the timings are Indian Standard Time.


Pappa Pappa


Nov 2011 Parabhakti Parva P.P. Ben's Ashirvad

Nov 2011 Parabhakti Aadesh P.P.Didi Ashirvad

Nov 2011 Parabhakti Aadesh P.P.Jyotiben Ashirvad

Nov 2011 Parabhakti Aadesh P.Jasuben Ashirvad

Nov 2011 Parabhakti Parva Guruhari P.P. Pappaji's Ashirvad

Nov 2011 Parabhakti Aadesh P.Deviben Ashirvad

Nov 2012 Parabhakti Parva Guidelines

Parabhakti Parva 


Parabhakti Parva (a celebration of Guruhari Pappaji’s 95th Pragatyadin) will be held on 11th, 12th and 13th November 2011. We have one year to go before this samaiyo. In that time in order to please Param Pujya Pappaji we should do His bhakti according to our own circumstances so that throughout this Parabhakti Parva year we can live spiritually through bhajan, bhakti and with His smurti. For the Parabhakti Parva we have organised activities at the Jyot mandir, mandals and in each and every home.

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Parabhakti Parva - Rules


જય ગુરૂહરિ પપ્પાજી

પરાભક્તિ પર્વની જય જય જય

પરાભકિત પર્વ નિમિત્તેના નિયમ ધારણ



પરાભકિત પર્વ આપણે આવતા વર્ષે તા.૧૧,૧૨,૧૩ નવે. ૨૦૧૧ ના રોજ ઉજ્વીશું આપણી પાસે ૧ વર્ષ છે. પરાભકિતની ઉજવણી ના ભાગ રૂપે આપણે પ.પૂ. પપ્પાજીની પ્રસન્નાતાર્થે યથાશકિત ભક્તિ કરીએ તે માટે અમુક નિયમ લેવાના રાખ્યા છે.તે ૧લી નવે.૨૦૧૦ થી ૧લી નવે.૨૦૧૧ સુધી કરીએ. નિયમો નીચે મુજબ છે.

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