Vallabh Vidyanagar Jyot Centre - Est. 1st June 1966


Guruhari Pappaji, at the behest of Brahmswarup Yogiji Maharaj established a spiritual institution called ‘Shree Gunatit Jyot Mahila Kendra’ for women who wished to devote their lives in service of God. As per Yogiji Maharaj’s wishes Gunatit Jyot was formed in Vallabh Vidyanagar on Guruhari Pappaji’s own land. Fifty one such beno first took take their vows and joined the organisation. 


‘Shree Gunatit Jyot Mahila Trust’ was established as a Registered Charitable Trust with Pappaji Maharaj as its President. Guruhari Pappaji rented the building opposite the Jyot, now known as ‘Prabhukrupa’ where He lived and provided spiritual guidance to promote the emancipation of women sadhus in an independent organisation.


Guruhari Pappaji sacrificed all His worldly possessions in the devotional service of Yogiji Maharaj to fulfil the agna given to Him by Yogiji Maharaj which was to establish a sanstha of ekantic beno for beno. This sanstha was inaugurated on 1st June 1966 following:


a. Yogiji Maharaj personally performed the Khatmurut ceremony for the Jyot in 1965 in the presence of Param Pujya Kakaji, Param Pujya Pramukhswami Maharaj, Pujya Motaswami , Param Pujya Saheb and other prominent bhaio of the samaj.

b. Yogiji Maharaj graced the completion of Jyot building by His physical presence; His divine aura is present in every facet of the building. On one such occasion Yogiji Maharaj visited the kitchen and observed, “Surely this kitchen will be too small?” These prophetic words revealed His omniscient vision that Jyot would thrive and that the number of sadhu beno would increase considerably in the future. He also performed Thakorji’s aarti in Jyot Mandir during the special celebrations of Yogi janma jayanti celebration held in Vidyanagar.


Pujya Yogiji Maharaj also blessed everyone stating that “Ekantik dharma Maharaj seedh karavshe Vachanamrut: G I 23, G II 30 & 45, Amdavd 2, 3 (Maharaj will ensure that all [beno] will attain single-minded devotion to God)“.  These were not just ordinary words but were the foretelling of a God realised saint. This goal was realised through P. P. Pappaji’s humble seva to Yogiji Maharaj whereby beno have reached the highest spiritual state.


Guruhari Pappaji initially prepared a group of sadguru ‘A’ as leaders. Due to the spiritual progress of this group, their humbleness, sincerity, dedication, enthusiasm, trust and the example of their pure actions, this inspired more beno to join the organisation and follow this unique path to spiritual emancipation.   The progress of Gunatit Jyot has been such that the organisation has grown in number from 51 beno in 1966 to 415 beno today. Between 1974 and 2001, Pappaji Maharaj also established branches of Jyot in various parts of India and overseas. P. P. Pappaji distilled the essence of gunatit sadhana in his published books and the Sanjivan Mantra, which helped to teach haribhakto and beno alike how to live spiritual lives dedicated to Bhagwan Swaminarayan and the pratyaksh swarupo.



Gunatit Prakash Bhaio

When Gunatit Jyot was set up in 1966, a Gunatit Samaj was also created with Guruhari Pappaji Maharaj and Param Pujya Kakaji Maharaj at its head. This comprised of tyagi santo, vrat dhari beno and dedicated grahasto, but Pappaji Maharaj created a new branch for vrat dhari bhaio with the support of P. P. Kakaji and Param Pujya Ba. On 26th January 1967 P. P. Pappaji gave vrat to eight bhaio and opened a new branch called ‘Anoopam Mission’ under the guidance of Param Pujya Saheb now established in the village called Mogri near Vidyanager.

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For those vrat dhari bhaio who  dedicated themselves to Guruhari Pappaji Maharaj and in support of Jyot beno a further branch named ‘Gunatit Prakash’ was subsequently set up on 30th September 1992; nine such bhaio were ordained. Today this group has also grown and established their own branches in centres in India.For instance, in Vidyanagar this group is led by Pujya Ileshbhai Patel, in Surat by Pujya Virenbhai Patel and Pujya Piyushbhai Patel and in Ahmedabad as well as in Bombay.  Pujya Virenbhai is the overall leader of this whole branch, which has grown substantially since being established.




AmdavadAmdavad Jyot Centre - Est. 25th October 1974

The first branch of Gunatit Jyot outside of Vidyanagar was opened by Guruhari Pappaji in Amdavad at Pujya Madhuben Jasubhai Bhatt’s house.  Within 8 years of opening of the Amdavad branch Pappaji Maharaj sent Pujya Induben Darbar as its mahant. Other beno and Param Pujya Hansadidi were also asked to spend time at this branch. 


After 2002 Guruhari Pappaji often stayed there during his recovery from His medical treatments or during ill health. During His recuperation at the Jyot, Pujya Bhattdada provided special facilities on the upper floor of his house where P. P. Pappaji was able to give daily darshan to haribhakto.  Even today samaiyo utsav and ekadasi sabha are held in the presence of Pujya Induben, Pujya Paduben and Pujya Maniben. 


Gunatit Prakash Bhaio hold weekly sabha at Pujya Prafulbhai Thakar’s house, which had to be extended because it was not large enough, but today 51 mukto are cared for and provided with meals. 


Surat Jyot Centre- Est. 7th June 1977

There is currently a very large and dedicated samaj in the south Gujarat city of Surat, however over 30 years ago there were no satsangi in Surat. Param Pujya Pappaji requested Param Pujya Jasuben to go to Surat accompanied by Pujya Maniben to promote satsang and fulfil people’s spiritual longing. 


Pujya Maniben’s lived next door to Pujya Kapilaben Ranchhodbhai Patel who was a bhakta of Mataji, but she had a longing to meet a live sant or guru. On seeing P. P. Jasuben for the first time, she felt her dreams had come true, and so accepted P. P. Jasuben as her guru.  In the same neighbourhood lived Pujya Dr Neelaben Nanavati who also became a dedicated satsangi. From these two initial families, today there are over 200 satsangi families in Surat.


Guruhari Pappaji and Param Pujya Kakaji used to describe P. P. Jasuben as being like a bulldozer. This is because a bulldozer is strong enough to smooth out any rough ground. Similarly P. P. Jasuben visited every town and village in south Gujarat and spread the satsang. Recognising P. P. Jasuben’s efforts and dedication, P. P. Pappaji also visited these villages and towns in south Gujarat and so blessed all the satsangi there. Just as the London mandal was started by the efforts of Param Pujya Ben, the Surat mandal was established due to the efforts of P. P. Jasuben. 


The Jyot was established in Surat at Pujya Anilaben Maganbhai Patel’s house. Pujya Taruben and Pujya Meenaben Doshi were appointed as the heads of the Surat Jyot. Pujya Anilaben Maganbhai’s daughter Pujya Parulben and her son Pujya Virenbhai were subsequently ordained as sadhus. P. Virenbhai is the leader of the Gunatit Prakash bhaio and supported by Pujya Piyushbhai, they care for the bhaio samaj in Surat. Due to the efforts of Jyot sant beno Pujya Taruben and Pujya Meenaben who both travelled to south Gujarat by train and bus to provide spiritual mentorship to ladies, the Surat mandal has become a staunch follower of Jyot. During samaiya at Vidyanagar, the kitchen and household cleaning seva are undertaken almost exclusively y the Surat mandal.


Surat Jyot was established on 7th June 1987. For years Pappaji Maharaj visited Surat and gave spiritual happiness to mukto. Today Param Pujya Jyotiben, Param Pujya Didi, Param Pujya Deviben, P.P. Jasuben attend samaiya held in Surat and continue P. P. Pappaji’s work to give spiritual guidance to all. Today this mandal is thriving under the guidance of P. Minaben Doshi.




London Jyot Centre - Est. 1st September 1980

In 1965 when Brahmswarup Yogiji Maharaj performed the khatmurat ceremony for Gunatit Jyot, His blessings were that “Gunatit knowledge will spread throughout the world from here.” Guruhari Pappaji Maharaj fulfilled this prophecy when He sent sant beno overseas for the first time in 1969. These overseas visits commenced first in East Africa and then in the UK. Finally, in 1980 Pappaji Maharaj travelled to London from Vidyanagar to reinforce the efforts of the gurus for  satsang in the UK. 


Many haribhakto from East Africa had settled in London.  Guruhari Pappaji with support from Param Pujya Ba, Param Pujya Ben and Param Pujya Saheb  nurtured these mukto by sending his santo regularly over the years.  Since 1980, P. P. Pappaji visited the UK every year carrying out katha-varta, bhajans, shibir and padhramni, and very quickly created a thriving samaj. P. P. Didi, P. P. Jyotiben, P. P. Deviben, Param Pujya Jasuben,  Pujya Paduben and Pujya Shobhnaben accompanied P. P. Pappaji . 


During His very first visit to the UK in 1980, Pappaji Maharaj established the very first Gunatit Jyot outside of India for vratdhari beno. This act was facilitated by Pujya Harishbhai and Pujya Kalaben Sakaria, who were both totally devoted to P. P. Pappaji, and offered their house in seva for establishing London Jyot Mandir. Pujya Muktamasi Bhojani was appointed the head of Jyot to not only guide the beno but also look after the London mandal.

Although this was the beginning, within a year it became immediately apparent that new premises would be needed.  In time, the property at Denham was acquired for use by Anoopam Mission and Gunatit Jyot jointly. In 2006, Pappaji Maharaj presented beno with a larger property called ‘Lady Walk’ where beno could reside and carry out their sadhana in total spiritual independence and peace.  


There were only 6 beno in 1980 when London Jyot was first started and now there are 30 beno most of whom are karma-yogi with senior professional jobs making this one of the biggest branches of Jyot. P. Muktamasi Bhojani supported by senior beno such as P. Shilaben, P. Nainaben, P.Rekhaben and others carry out supreme seva of taking care of everyone by doing mahapooja and dhun for the whole UK samaj and continuing the work of the Jyot.


Guruhari Pappaji Maharaj came to London 16 times and has inspired complete devotion within the members of the  London mandal.  As the mandal progressed spiritually, a charitable trust was established to financially support the Gunatit Jyot organisation. This organisation was named ‘Gunatit Mission’ with Pujya Dilipbhai Bhojani appointed as President, Pujya Vithlanisaheb and Pujya Nainaben Visani as joint Vice-Presidents. P. Dilipbhai and Pujya Arunaben Bhojani have dedicated their life to Guruhari Pappaji’s service and have nurtured many of the smaller mandals to become devoted and dedicated to Guruhari Pappaji.


The Gunatit Mission trust is run by a committee formed with members from Leicester, Streatham, Walthamstow, Swindon, Northampton and members from London Jyot.




Manavader Jyot Centre- Est. 5th August 1981

Manavader is a small district in Junagadh, Saurastra district. It was a favourite place for Brahmswarup Yogiji Maharaj, Param Pujya Kakaji, Param Pujya Pappaji, Param Pujya Ba and all the swarupo. Under the leadership of Param Pujya Haribhai and Pujya Rambhabhabhi many ladies and men became sadhu from this area. As there were so many dedicated families, P. P. Pappaji opened a Jyot at Pujya Narsifuva’s house on 5th August 1981. 


Initially Param Pujya Taraben with Jyot beno managed and ran this Jyot. Over a period of time, Pujya Madhuben, Pujya Saviben, Pujya Kajuben were also sent to help. Pujya Dharmistaben Amin and Pujya Hansaben Kampala are carrying out this seva today. 


In addition to the Manavader beno, haribhakto from 45 surrounding villages such as Kesod, Ajab, Talada, Sardargadh in Junagadh district also attend Jyot for sabha, bhajan, katha, dhun and aarti – all have received heartfelt blessings from P. P. Pappaji.




NadiadNadiad Jyot Centre - Est. 13th September 1987

Nadiad is Guruhari Pappaji’s and Param Pujya Kakaji’s home town. This is where they grew up and had many fond memories. The two family houses named ‘Khadki’ and ‘Della’ are still there. Jyot beno, who are teachers at Pujya Vimuben and Pujya Pandya Saheb’s School live at the ‘Della’ house. The older house, ‘Khadki’, which is P. P. Kakaji’s birth place, has been maintained in its original state. On 13th September 1987, Pappaji Maharaj did aarti and established Gunatit Jyot branch at ‘Khadki’. Pappaji Maharaj placed Pujya Saviben and Pujya Meenaben Gandhi as leaders. Param Pujya Taraben had also stayed at this Jyot. 


Presently, retired teacher Pujya Hansaben Pavagadhiya and Pujya Mayaben Day are in charge of this Jyot they work tirelessly to support the local samaj through bhajan bhakti. This Jyot although small, is extremely highly regarded by GuruhariPappaji.  With the guidance from Param Pujya Kasiba, beno like Pujya Kamuben, Pujya Jayuben, Pujya Mayaben and many more beno and bhaio like Pujya Dilipbhai, Pujya Vasubhai and others are now serving Gunatit Jyot. Because of these dedicated families, many other haribhakta regularly attend sabha at Nadiad. Pujya Ileshbhai and bhaio from Vidhyanagar also visit this mandal every Tuesday to do sabha for bhaio.



BorivaliMumbai Jyot Centre - Est. 29th October 1987

Guruhari Pappaji, Param Pujya Kakaji and Param Pujya Ba’s families lived together and practiced satsang at Tardev, Mumbai.  Furthermore, Brahmswarup Yogiji Maharaj used to visit the Tardev mandal every year, which was a key group in supporting Yogiji Maharaj’s  spiritual work in Mumbai. 


All those involved in this seva at that time were also dedicated to Pappaji Maharaj and hence the first group of 25 beno to join Gunatit Jyot in Vidyanagar came from Tardev. Along with these 25 beno, there were also dedicated grahasto women like Pujya Vimlaben Modi (Borivali), Pujya Kusumben Dave (Matunga), Pujya Vasuba Gandhi (Santacruz), Pujya Taraben ( Khetvadi), Pujya Savitaben Amin (Parla) and so on, who did weekly sabha at their local centres in Mumbai. 


Accepting P.Vimalben Ramnikbhai Modi’s total dedication, Guruhari Pappaji opened a Jyot centre in Borivali on 29th October 1987. A branch of Anoopam Mission was also opened opposite the Jyot, where Pappaji Maharaj used to stay when coming to Bombay or going on international travels. When Pujya Ramnikada passed away in 1987, Pujya Bhartiben Modi and Pujya Vimlaben Modi remained as mahant of Borivali Jyot.


Pujya Vimlaben Modi’s house was an old rented building.  After 20 years in the original Jyot a new property was obtained in Dahiser. The Mumbai Jyot is currently at Dahiser and moved there in April 2007.  Pujya Pratixaben, Pujya Jayuben Desai, Pujya Madhuben, Pujya Saviben and other beno are currently looking after the Jyot and the surrounding mandals.  Amongst bhaio, Pujya Sureshbhai Gandhi, Pujya Nandubhai and Gunatit Prakash bhaio, Pujya Dave Saheb and gruhusto bhaio also maintain the bhaio samaj. Guruhari Pappaji was very fond of Borivali mandal and was appreciative of their totally dedicated service to the samaj. 



RajkotRajkot Jyot Centre - Est. 30th April 1989

It was in Rajkot that Shreeji Maharaj presented “Shikshapatri” to Sir Malcolm. Also, Shree Gunatitanand Swami, Shree Krisnaji Ada, Brahmswarup Shastriji Maharaj, Brahmswarup Yogiji Maharaj and Guruhari Pappaji have all graced Rajkot with their divine presence. During their travels to Manavader, Guruhari Pappaji, Param Pujya Kakaji, Param Pujya Ba, Param Pujya Ben, and all the swarupo stayed at Pujya Ukabhai Maradia’s house in Rajkot. 


Every year when Pappaji Maharaj went to Param Pujya Haribhai Saheb’s birthday celebrations in Manavader, he stayed in Rajkot at various satsangi’s houses including Pujya Ramaben Visani, Pujya Dhankuverba Chudasma, Pujya Vasundhraben, Pujya Matuma Sejpal, Pujya Jyotibhabhi Nitinbhai Chudgar, Pujya Narmadaben Bhagvanjibhai Makwana where He held sabha. He used to consider Pujya Prabhaben Vallabhbhai Gadhia’s house as his own home. As the samaj grew bigger, Gunatit Jyot Rajkot was established here on 1st June 1989. Pujya Vanitaben Dadhania was appointed as mandal head and has been assisted by Pujya Madhuben, Pujya Dhamiben, Pujya Hansaben Gunatit, Pujya Kajuben, Pujya Kusumben, Pujya Ilaben and others. The efforts of Rajkot mandal have also spread to neighbouring places like Thangadh, Morbi and Jamnager. 



JamanagarJamnager Jyot Centre - Est. 14th September 1991.

In Jamnager, at the request of Pujya Savitaben Mohanbhai Patel, Guruhari Pappaji established Jyot branch at their house on 14th Sepetmber 1991. Often Param Pujya Taraben and Pujya Hansaben Gunatit would stay to promote the satsang. Currently, Jyot beno from Rajkot have the responsibility of looking after this branch and regularly go there to do sabha and samaiya. 







NarodaNaroda (Krishnanagar) Jyot Centre - Est. 22nd August 2001

Amdavad city is very large, because of this it was not easy for all bhakto to go to Amdavad Jyot. As a result it was humbly requested by Pujya Shardaben Thakker to open a branch of Jyot at Naroda.  Param Pujya Pappaji agreed to the request and opened a Jyot on 22 august 2001. P. P. Jyotiben and Pujya Mandaben Trivedi were tasked to look after the beno there with Pujya Hemaben Bhatt as mahant.  Under the responsibility of P Mandaben Trivedi  this small branch has a large sphere of influence in this city and spreads the principles of our Swaminarayan Akshar Purushottam religion. 



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